Proudly Handmade in the USA!

About Us

We've always had a passion for excellence; to be the best all the time. We accomplish this by consistently putting our customers first and striving to exceed their expectations.


Danielle - Owner / Jewelry Designer / Customer Service Manager

  • Danielle founded Danielle Joy Designs as a hobby in 2011. She now spends all of her time running the business... everything from accounting to design and everything in between. When she's not working, she is traveling with her hubby, dreaming up new ideas/designs and cuddling up with her three little fur baby kitties {rest in peace little Leah May 🐾}

Andrew - Production Engineer

  • Andrew, AKA Mr. DJD, is Danielle's husband. They met in their late teens and have been together for over 11 years. He quit his job in 2013 to help Danielle with finishing and packaging. He also cuts and produces most of the metal discs that are used in DJD's designs. He owns and manages Hand Stamping Supplies.

Jordan - Production and Assembly